Case Studies

Weltrio in action

Weltrio started in 2015 as the answer to an industry need. Small to medium sized companies that didn’t have enough sway to negotiate with large insurance companies and hospitals saw their medical insurance costs begin to rise quickly. Healthcare was ineffective for employees who had to take several hours out of their day to visit a provider, only to have mediocre wellness results. Employees hated talking to insurance companies, all of which seemed to speak another language. Weltrio was created to put an end to these issues. Weltrio’s very first corporate wellness program improved employee health, lowered medical costs, and created a real benefit that helped retain good employees. Here are results from two of our clients:

Cayuse Technologies

Cayuse Technologies is a 280 person software development company started by Accenture and the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (CTUIR) just outside Portland, Oregon. When Weltrio started working with Cayuse in early 2016, their medical insurance rates had been rising 25% every year. Weltrio created a corporate wellness program customized to their employee population that provided an on-site medical clinic, insurance advocacy for employees, personalized nutrition consultation, and Duke-certified integrative health and wellness coaching. Within one year, insurance utilization was down 58% inclusive of Weltrio’s program cost. To date, Weltrio has helped Cayuse realize a sustained 68% drop in medical insurance premiums & a 39% drop in employee out-of-pocket expenses. In 2018, Weltrio helped Cayuse go self-insured to realize further cost savings.
"We saw a 68% drop in our medical insurance premiums and a 39% drop in employee out-of-pocket costs. This has been a life-saver for our business."
Dawn Hagen
Chief Compliance Officer

Native Hawaiian Veterans

Native Hawaiian Veterans is a international government contracting company working with the Department of Defense and several other government entities. Headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii, they have employees all across the United States and in several other countries working in a variety of Federal Clearance Level roles. The company wanted to expand and was looking for a partner to help them lower their wrap rates while remaining competitive enough to attract good employees. Weltrio designed a program that offered 24/7 on-call medical support including the ability to write prescriptions, customized nutrition training, and insurance advocacy. The program not only gave the company much needed expansion capabilities, but lowered their costs inclusive of the program and all of the new benefits. 

"The personalized program, tailor-fit to our employees while reducing our overall costs made me a believer!"
Randy Ho
Chief Financial Officer

At Weltrio, we believe that by customizing a program for your unique company and employee population, we can cut out a lot of the unnecessary costs and achieve a much better result. We are passionate about employee wellness that actually works! 

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