Our Approach

A corporate wellness program customized for your employees & your business

Customized Corporate Wellness

Weltrio will create an onsite clinic customized to the needs of your employees, and staff it with the right mix of wellness coaches, 24/7 nurses, nutritionists, physicians, insurance specialists, etc. We will create and administer a program that ensures better health outcomes while lowering costs. Each plan is developed to best address the health concerns of your employee population. Creative thinking and outside-the-box solutions will incentivize positive healthcare behavior and de-incentivize costly healthcare behavior, saving the employee and the employer precious healthcare dollars. The customization is key! No two programs are alike. 

Rhonda sat down with me and explained it simply without medical jargon.

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Medical Care

The first pillar in Weltrio is effective medical care. We find employees often under utilize preventive care and use an ER to manage problems. This is expensive and ineffective. Besides encouraging employees to find and  properly use a primary care physician, we give them access to a nurse 24/7. While having access to a nurse is helpful, having access to an on-site nurse 24/7 who knows your employees personally is priceless. A typical nurse will play it safe and refer to ER, increasing costs for the employer. A nurse who personally knows each employee, along with their health history and extenuating circumstances, can give informed, individualized advice and creative cost-saving solutions to benefit both the employee and the bottom line. 

I called on a Sunday afternoon when my child was sick. I had a prescription at Walgreens within 30 minutes. Saved me a night at the ER!

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Nutrition Program

Our second pillar is proper nutrition with focus on a healthy diet and lifestyle. Busy employees often make poor diet choices which, over time, hurt employees and their families, lead to increased sick time and underperformance at work, and cost employers more and more money every year. Our staff will create customized goals for each employee and will follow up with them, offering training and encouragement as they improve their health. Whether the focus is to stop smoking, manage or treat diabetes, or just becoming more active, our staff will help your employees become more healthy.

I was able to get off my diabetes medications and lowered my A1C score in just 4 months. Two years later, my doctor says I'm not a type-2 diabetic anymore!

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Insurance Advocacy

The third pillar is working with insurance companies on your and your employees’ behalf. Our specially trained staff work closely with your insurance provider to design the right policies for your company including finding new vendors if necessary and negotiating pricing. The end goal is often to become self-insured, which puts you in complete control while buying catastrophic insurance to eliminate the downside. We also provide your employees with a concierge health care and wellness service so they don’t need to speak to the insurance companies alone. When insurance and medical questions arise, one stop at the onsite clinic and the problem is safely in the hands of your advocate: assistance with billing, interacting with insurance providers and physician’s offices, scheduling appointments, reminders for preventative screenings, and the list goes on. Your employees will no longer have to navigate health care on their own. Your company saves money and your employees get a much better benefit that they will stay for. 

My insurance company wouldn't cover my CPAP and I couldn't get them to listen. Rhonda took care of everything for me! She called the insurance company, coordinated with my doc and CPAP provider and arranged for everything while I managed my team! Amazing!

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We Specialize in Sustainable Behavior Change

Weltrio’s three pillars are stitched together using a step by step process of sustainable behavioral change protocols designed by Duke University’s Leadership program in Integrative Healthcare, a collaboration between Duke Integrative Medicine and Duke’s Fuqua School of Business.  In addition, our coaches are board certified by the International Consortium of Health and Wellness Coaches (ICHWC).

At first I didn't think it would all come together - I just had too many things going on. After a lifetime of failed attempts, I finally quit smoking, I've lost weight, I'm controlling my diabetes, it's like I have my own personal health secretary. My husband and kids notice a huge difference. I can't get this kind of benefit anywhere else. I'll never leave.

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