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Our leadership team personally crafts each customized company solution including picking and training the right personnel to meet your needs. We’ve found that programs have to be tailored directly to your needs to best save money while offering the best possible benefit.


Rhonda Nerenberg, RN: Founder and CEO

Rhonda is a certified nutritionist, has a BSN in Nursing from Utah Valley University, and has completed graduate work at both Georgetown and Duke University in Integrative Medicine. She is a Duke-certified health coach. Rhonda is also the mother of five children. She started the path towards Weltrio when her pediatrician put two of her daughters on preventative antibiotics for 6 months. Hoping there was a better way, she started studying nutrition and quickly moved into medicine with a focus on Integrative Medicine. Discovering that payers were an important part of the wellness solution, Rhonda researched the insurance market. With those three disciplines coming together to affect wellness, Rhonda created Weltrio.

Freddy Trujillo Accini, MD: Vice President

Freddy earned his MD in 2001 from University of Miami as part of the William J. Harrington Medical Training Program. He specializes in cardiovascular research to better understand obesity & diabetes. His research began at Jackson Memorial Hospital and Cedars Medical Center in Miami Florida. Certified in Good Clinical Practice (GCP), he was the Scientific Director and Sub-Investigator for several clinical trials studying primary & secondary prevention for cardiovascular disease. As the founder and director of CASP (Centro de Asesoría en Salud y Profesiones), a company dedicated for more than 15 years to medical advisory, he has consulted with many pharmaceutical companies and schools of medicine in USA and Latin America. Dr. Trujillo is also a Duke-certified health coach.

Monique Maletich: Wellness Program Admin

Monique has been involved in the fitness and nutrition industry for over a decade as both a physical fitness trainer and nutrition specialist. True health and overall wellness requires a multifaceted approach that includes the patient in creating a plan that is both individualized and achievable. Her passion is implementing healthy lifestyle modifications through nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management to promote longevity while preventing and reversing disease.  Monique is a firm believer that quality patient education is the first step in helping others take responsibility and control of their own well-being. 

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