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The healthcare system is so big and so complex and so broken that no single solution will fix it. 
Weltrio is a trio of approaches that together, fix the healthcare system from the inside, one company at a time.

Insurance Negotiation

Insurance companies exist to mitigate risk. Like slot machines, they make money when you pay up and they don’t pay out. Weltrio is the intermediary between your employees and the insurance company. We are medical providers who have learned to speak insurance – we know all the tips and tricks.

Every claim for every employee is handled by us to make sure you are getting what you paid for. Our team also works directly with insurance to curate a benefits plan for you, and continuously negotiate ongoing rates and plans. Our personalized health plans are not just “one and done” – we constantly monitor the insurance field and ensure that you really are getting the best rates and most applicable coverage.

Personalized Healthcare

Medical providers are incentivized to cover symptoms, not fix problems. They make more money when they see more patients. That’s why the average doctor visit is now 10 minutes and prescriptions are the biggest healthcare cost.

After meeting with your employees and assessing needs, we have a certified wellness coach work with them, as often as needed, to improve health.  We find ways to reduce spending through prescription sourcing, preventative medical care, and other cutting edge resources.. When we do this, the employee feels heard and the medical provider has enough information (and time!) to address the root cause of problems. Turns out fixing a problem is much less expensive than covering the symptoms!

Nutrition Education

Your employees are busy! Coke and pizza are fine once in a while, but when sugar and caffeine become a consistent and convenient go-to, their bodies break down, their medical bills go up, and you pay for it. We find that people don’t usually know much more about proper nutrition than what they learned in a high school health class.

Educating employees and their families one-on-one leads to big changes. They lose weight, get sick less often, get off chronic medications, and even reverse diabetes – yes, we just said that: reverse diabetes!

Making good choices starts with having good data. We give them that data, personalized to their bodies and situations.

All stitched together by ground-breaking, Duke-certified behavioral modification

Good medical treatment, nutrition knowledge, and insurance advocacy won’t work without the individual wanting to make a change. We design a program that incentivizes the employee to participate and then work with them one-on-one to help them change behaviors that change their lives and saves the company money.

Here is how we will do it:

1. Assess Current Spending

We start with assessing your company’s current insurance spending to get the most up-do-date insurance utilization.

2. Adjust Program to Lower Costs

Essentially, we create a new program to incentivize good behavior and wellness goals while curating insurance benefits.

3. Work with Employees

An on-demand nurse works with employees to find out their current health situations, then a wellness coach helps them move toward achievable goals.

4. Negotiate Ongoing Rates

The health insurance market is constantly changing and costs will sneak in, making prices go up year after year. We keep rates down.

5. Advocate for Staff

We ensure your frontline gets the care they need and get the most out of their benefit package so they can truly be team players.

6. Move to Self-Insured

Companies can finally stabilize employee health and stop paying the insurance companies more than the plans are worth.

I'm still not sure what you do...are you an insurance company?

No, we are medical professionals trying to work within a broken system. We believe we can fix it from the inside by using tools already in place, just in a wiser, more comprehensive way!

Try this analogy:  Sports teams have team doctors to make sure their best assets, their athletes, are in top performing condition.

Like a sports-team doc for your employees

Sports teams have team doctors to make sure their best assets, their athletes, are in top performing condition. The doctor is hired by the sports team to work with each player and ensure they receive all the care needed in the most cost-effective way.  Medical care, physical needs, optimal nutrition, emotional well-being, and the motivation/engagement to change: all of it impacts health. The team doctor manages everything.  That is what Weltrio does too!  Like the doctor, we may not personally provide all the care, but they oversee it all: every health concern, every gap in care, every need for every employee, to prevent potential issues and maximize the company’s performance both physically and financially. Weltrio is your team doctor to keep your greatest asset, your employees, in tip top performing condition!

Weltrio is your team doctor to keep your greatest asset, your employees, in tip top performing condition! 

We work with each employee 1:1

Your employees are busy. You don't have time to keep them healthy and happy. We help you set up a benefits package and then manage it, spending time with each employee and their family members. Our job is to keep them performing at the top of their game!

Continual Assessment

Team doctors work behind the scenes to get athletes ready to perform and fix them when they break. That's what we do for your employees. Imagine working for a company that prized you like a star athlete or a rock star. Yeah, our employees feel that way! We are always behind the scenes making sure they can perform at their best.

We tailor plans to your specific employees and their families

Imagine putting Walmart tires on a Porsche. That's what you do when you recruit a great employee, but give them a generic healthcare plan. We meet directly with employees, curate benefits, explain the usage, give health objectives, and empower them to make lasting change. 

Bottom Line: With Weltrio, You Will…

Attract & retain more employees with a market-leading benefit package while cutting your costs in half

In today’s competitive landscape it can be hard to differentiate your company from the competition. Many employers make the mistake of purchasing high-coverage insurance plans to attract talent, but end up losing more money as they pay out high premiums. 

Weltrio helps you create a unique, market-leading benefit package that will increase your existing employee satisfaction and give you an edge when recruiting new staff, all while saving you money by tailoring the program directly to your employee population.  We then manage it so it is maximized and continually updated.

Make the move to self-insured without risking your profits

Medical problems can be expensive and insurance is a great way to mitigate that risk. However, you probably have a generic plan and are overpaying for things that sound good but you just don’t need. Your employees experience the bait and switch of “we cover everything” only to find out “we cover very few things and only after you jump through the right hoops!”

We help you fix this by curating, optimizing, and then managing your benefits package. And when you are ready to stop depending on someone else to decide when to pay your healthcare bills, we work with you towards the goal of becoming self-insured, giving you the freedom – and savings – of managing your own healthcare plan. Many smaller companies think they can’t do this. You can – we can help. It’s time for you to start keeping the money that is making insurance companies rich. 

See why employees love our programs:

"I called on a Sunday afternoon when my child was sick. I had a prescription at Walgreens within 30 minutes. Saved me a night at the ER!"
Customer Service
"I was able to get off my diabetes medications and lowered my A1C score in just 4 months. Two years later, my doctor says I'm not a type-2 diabetic anymore!"
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"My insurance company wouldn't cover my CPAP and I couldn't get them to listen. Rhonda took care of everything for me! She called the insurance company, coordinated with my doc and CPAP provider and arranged for everything while I managed my team! Amazing!"
Data Heat Mapping
"At first I didn't think it would all come together - I just had too many things going on. After a lifetime of failed attempts, I finally quit smoking, I've lost weight, I'm controlling my diabetes, it's like I have my own personal health secretary. My husband and kids notice a huge difference. I can't get this kind of benefit anywhere else. I'll never leave."
Finance Department
"Rhonda sat down with me and explained it simply without medical jargon."
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Stop overspending on healthcare!

Weltrio steps in and fills the gap between insurance and companies. We advocate on your behalf, take care of negotiation, and provide personalized on-site care for your employees. Our mission is fixing the healthcare system from the inside!

Let us do a free assessment and then create a concierge plan tailored just for you:

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