Cut your health insurance costs by halfAll while improving recruiting & retention

We are medical professionals sick of our broken healthcare system

Combining our medical, nutrition, and insurance expertise, we have become experts at working within the insurance and healthcare system to maximize results. We help corporations design and manage benefit programs that get them out of the rut of a broken system. Education and prevention are key facets that help pull out costs while maximizing benefits, and we take the lead in renegotiating with your insurance company to lower premiums.

Many of our clients choose to move to self-insured with solid catastrophic insurance so that you have control, your employees get the best benefits, and your costs drop a lot (typically by half!).

What we do

Decrease Insurance Premiums

Weltrio will curate a benefit plan that is tailored to what you need – and get rid of what you don’t, decreasing costs. 

Attract More Talent

We will help curate an attractive benefits package that will not cost you more than it is worth and that will attract new talent.

Increase Staff Retention

Employees feel seen and cared for when insurance issues arise because we work with them one-on-one through every step.

Improve Employee Health

We meet with each employee quarterly to create health goals and then work with them as often as needed to achieve their goals. 

How we do it


Curated Benefits

Insurance companies make money when they sell you things you won't use and refuse to pay for things you need. We work with your insurance company to curate benefits and tailor a program for your specific employee population.


Employee Care

Medical providers want to band-aid problems for efficiency. They don't make money on prevention and shopping for alternatives. Our team will work with employees one-on-one quarterly, or as often as needed, to ensure better health.


Insurance Maximization

What you spend vs what insurance companies pay is called a utilization rate. Their profit is the difference. With Weltrio, we lower your utilization rate then renegotiate your insurance rates so you keep more of your hard-earned profits.


Proactive Monitoring

Providers and drug companies are continually creating new ways to charge more. No one watches as your costs skyrocket. We monitor and adjust your program to ensure employees get the best benefits and you only pay for what you need.

Lower your medical insurance premium costs while attracting and keeping the best employees

Our clients find that working with Weltrio gives them a huge competitive advantage which translates directly into bottom line profits. Give us all call. We will do an assessment of where you are compared to your market, then give you a proposal to redesign your program and work with your HR department to implement it. We’ll proactively manage the program and work directly with your employees to increase health. To date, 100% of our client companies have saved at least 50% of their overall medical insurance premium spend, inclusive of our costs.

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Personalized employee
care at every step

Voted the #1 benefit program by employees

"The personalized program, tailor-fit to our employees while reducing our overall costs made me a believer!"
— Randy Ho
Chief Financial Officer
"We saw a 68% drop in our medical insurance premiums and a 39% drop in employee out-of-pocket costs. This has been a life-saver for our business."
— Dawn Hagen
Chief Compliance Officer
"I finally quit smoking, I've lost weight, I'm controlling my diabetes, it's like I have my own personal health secretary. My husband and kids notice a huge difference. I can't get this kind of benefit anywhere else. I'll never leave."
— Employee
Finance Department

Stop overspending on healthcare!

Weltrio steps in and fills the gap between insurance and companies. We advocate on your behalf, take care of negotiation, and provide personalized on-site care for your employees. Our mission is fixing the healthcare system from the inside!

Let us do a free assessment and then create a concierge plan tailored just for you:

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