About Us

We are medical professionals sick of our broken healthcare system and passionate about fixing it from the inside!

When we first looked at this daunting problem, it was too big and complex to even imagine a fix. Where do you even start when the system is so broken?

Then we had an epiphany – let’s work within its constraints and maximize tools already there to tailor it to what we need. So we researched and learned and piloted programs until we cracked the code. Our system works! Now our goal is to get this to enough companies so enough momentum is created that the system fixes itself, from the inside.

Created as a unique answer to an industry need

Companies often see their medical insurance costs rise quickly and for small and medium-sized businesses this can be catastrophic. They feel they have no control and must simply pay the costs.

For employees, healthcare is ineffective and inefficient when they often have to take several hours out of their day to visit a provider, only to have mediocre wellness results with providers taking less and less time with each visit and drug companies raising prices more and more. Even talking to insurance companies, all of which seem to speak another language, is stressful and inconvenient.

Organizations have been forced to raise deductibles and out-of-pocket costs just to survive. And there is nothing anyone can do about it! Ugh! The system is broken!

Weltrio was created to put an end to these issues. Weltrio designs programs to improve employee health and work with your existing insurance provider to lower medical costs and create tailored benefits programs designed to attract and retain great employees.

Meet our passionate leadership


Rhonda Nerenberg

Founder & CEO
(the "Special Sauce")

Rhonda is a certified nutritionist, has a BSN in Nursing from Utah Valley University, and has completed graduate work at both Georgetown and Duke University in Integrative Medicine. She is a Duke-certified health coach. Rhonda is also the mother of five children. She started the path towards Weltrio when her pediatrician put two of her daughters on preventative antibiotics for 6 months. Hoping there was a better way, she started studying nutrition and quickly moved into medicine with a focus on Integrative Medicine. Discovering that payers were an important part of the wellness solution, Rhonda researched the insurance market. With those three disciplines coming together to affect wellness, Rhonda created Weltrio.


Monique Maletich

Wellness Program Administrator (the "Mentor")

Monique has been involved in the health & wellness industry for over a decade both as an Internationally Trained physical trainer and nutrition specialist. She has studied in both Canada and the United States and has witnessed firsthand the damaging disconnect between miseducation and healthy lifestyle management. She believes in creating a wellness plan that has a multifaceted, yet individualized approach that includes the patient. Her passion is mental health advocacy and implementing healthy lifestyle modifications through nutrition, exercise, and stress management to promote longevity while preventing and reversing disease. Monique loves interacting with people one-on-one and is a firm believer that creating a deeper patient connection and sharing quality education is the first step in helping others take responsibility and control of their own well-being.

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Burgandy Brittain

Business Development
(the "Company Finder")

Burgandy is a trained laboratory scientist specializing in biochemical human nutrition. She has a degree from Brigham Young University. She loves data and loves to teach people what their lab numbers mean and how to get them to a healthyrange. She is passionate about the body's self-healing properties when properly fueled with solid nutrition. Her personal mission in life is to crush the out-dated “calories in vs. calories out” method with new data-driven science. Burgandy is also a big people person. For Weltrio, Burgandy finds companies who want to save money and provide awesome benefits for their awesome employees.


Riley Choque

(the "Makes it Happen")

Riley is a passionate registered nurse with a bachelors degree from Weber State University. As a medical professional with broad experience in emergency medicine and critical care, she has seen firsthand how the lack of proper health habits and poor education has led to unnecessary ER visits, chronic medications, and escalating medical care requirements, eventually resulting in overwhelming medical care expenses. Frustrated with the current healthcare system, Riley joined Weltrio to help make a difference in people’s lives by addressing the problem at its roots and ultimately changing our health care system from the inside out.

Mission Statement

Fix our broken healthcare system from the inside out!

Vision Statement

Everyone deserves quality, patient-focused healthcare – we want to be the pebble rolling down the hill that creates the momentum to change the world!

Stop overspending on healthcare!

Weltrio steps in and fills the gap between insurance and companies. We advocate on your behalf, take care of negotiation, and provide personalized on-site care for your employees. Our mission is fixing the healthcare system from the inside!

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